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Hello children,

My name is Merlin. I am a wizard and I am very old.

I am your guide to England’s marvellous wildlife. In our journey you will meet many of my wild spirit friends.

My best friend is also Merlin. She is not a wizard like me. She is a beautiful bird of prey and her wild spirit name is “Fastwing”

There have been many changes to England’s wildlife since Merlin was a boy. England’s native wildlife of today is far less abundant than in Merlin’s youth. It is slowly becoming lost in people’s memory

Merlin’s mission is to connect more people in England with England’s native wildlife and he wants children to help

Merlin says “It begins by learning more; the rest will follow . . . . . . .”

Below is a map of England with 6 location icons and 1 wild spirit friend icon

Merlin asks “Encourage your parents to click on each icon so they too can learn more about England and its marvellous wildlife”

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