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Our map shows England’s borders with Scotland and Wales, as well as England’s 2 largest upland areas (Pennines & Cotswolds) and 3 longest rivers (Severn, Thames & Trent)  ::  England’s 6 oldest cities – called Time Immemorial cities – are highlighted (Durham, York, City of London, Exeter, Winchester & Canterbury)  ::  3 of England’s longest ancient structures are noted (Hadrian’s wall, Offa’s dyke & Pilgrim’s way)

Click onto the map icons for more information (including how each is Rainbow-linked to one of England’s native wildlife creatures)

Test your knowledge!

Can you name England’s 9 (+1) national parks (NP)?  ::  Can you guess or recognise the 7 heritage hub places (HHP) shown on the map?

Answers shown below

National parks: NP1- Lake District; NP2- Northumberland National Park; NP3- Yorkshire Dales;  NP4- North York Moors;  NP5- Peak  District; NP6- Exmoor; NP7- Dartmoor; NP8- New Forest; NP9- South Downs; ‘NP’- (The)Broads

Heritage hub places: HHP1- White Cliffs of Dover; HHP2- Stonehenge Monument of Salisbury Plain; HHP3- Sailing Ships from Summerland; HHP4- Totnes (upon Dart); HHP5- Merlin’s Cave; HHP6- King Arthur’s Cave; HHP7- Robin Hood’s Bay