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Welcome ~ Our aim is to provide a positive learning experience about England and its fabulous native wildlife ~ Our website is home-grown & content-driven ~ we hope you enjoy your visit

Wild England’s ‘fun & fascination’ map for all the family

Our map shows England’s borders with Scotland and Wales, as well as England’s 2 largest upland areas (Pennines & Cotswolds) and 3 longest rivers (Severn, Thames & Trent)  ::  England’s 6 oldest cities ~ called Time Immemorial cities ~ are highlighted (Durham, York, City of London, Exeter, Winchester & Canterbury)  ::  England’s 3 longest ancient structures are noted (Hadrian’s wall, Offa’s dyke & Pilgrim’s way)

England’s history is full of surprising legends & myths. Join England’s ‘fantastic folklore’ journey through the ages. Our map has 7 ffjs for you to explore. What is true and what is not true is sometimes not so clear!    

Click onto the contents of the map for more information, including how each place is rainbow-linked to one of England’s creatures (or plants)

rainbow link – wren
rainbow link – golden eagle
rainbow link – peregrine falcon

Wild England teasers!

1. Can you name England’s 9 (+1) national parks (NPs)?

2. Can you recognise the characters in history that are associated with the 7 ffjs shown on the map?  Do you know which characters are real and which characters are are not?

3. Do you know the meaning of  ‘Time immemorial’

Answers shown below

Answers ~

1. National parks: NP1 ~ Lake District; NP2 ~ Northumberland (National Park); NP3 ~ Yorkshire Dales;  NP4 ~ North York Moors;  NP5 ~ Peak  District; NP6 ~ Exmoor; NP7 ~ Dartmoor; NP8 ~ New Forest; NP9 ~ South Downs; ‘NP’ ~ (The)Broads

2. Fantastic folklore journey: ffj 1a ~ White Cliffs of Dover; ffj 2a ~ Stonehenge Monument of Salisbury Plain; ffj 3a ~ Hysicion’s Ship from Summerland; ffj 4a ~ Brutus Stone (in Totnes); ffj 4b ~ Stone of Brutus (in London); ffj 5a ~ Merlin’s Cave; ffj 5b ~ King Arthur’s Cave; ffj 6a ~ Robin Hood’s Bay; ffj 7a ~ St. George’s Island

3. Time immemorial means ~ ‘a time in the past that was so long ago that people have no knowledge or memory of it’