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Our wildlife A – Z provides information about a compendium of wildlife species native to England

A children’s A-Z compendium of England’s native wildlife

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England’s native wildlife can be defined as wildlife in England whose presence is not a direct result of an accidental or deliberate introduction by humankind   

It is estimated that we have over 55,000 wildlife species native to England of which 12,000 (approximately) are fungi; 1,388 are lichens; 647 are mosses; 1,287 are vascular plants; and over 39,000 are creatures ~ great and small

[ DID YOU KNOW – According to publications.naturalengland.org.uk England’s native wildlife species include ~ 43 terrestrial mammals, 11 regular whales & dolphins, 175 regular breeding birds, 275 marine fish, 35 freshwater fish, 7 amphibians, 7 reptiles, 636 spiders, 57 butterflies and over 2,440 moths ]

Wild England teasers ~

1. Does England have more species of native wasps than bees?

2. Does England have greater than or less than 50 native species of ants?

Answers below

Answers ~

1. No ~ England has more species of native bees ~ 246 ~ (England has 224 species of native wasps)

2. Less than 50 ~ England has 49 species of native ants