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Most of our real characters are people who have made a significant contribution to the formation, preservation and strength of England, or have been influential in the development of the culture of its citizens

England’s Real Characters

For ease of reference we have created categories of real characters ~

Ancient People of Albion (pre 1,100 BC)
Early Settlers of britain (1,100 BC – 55bc)
Romans (55BC – 54BC – 1st Roman invasions) (43 – 410 – Roman occupation)
‘Kings’ & ‘Queens’ of the Mediaeval Kingdoms of the Dark Ages (410 – 927)
Kings & Queens of England (927 – 1603)
Kings & Queens of England & Scotland (1603 – 1707)
Kings & Queens of England & Great Britain (1707 – 1801)
Kings & Queens of England & United Kingdom of Great Britain + Ireland (1801 – 1922)
Kings & Queens of England & United Kingdom of Great Britain + Northern Ireland (1922 – present day)
england’s Artists & Composers
england’s Adventurers & Explorers
england’s Entertainers (including actors, dancers, musicians and other performing artists)
england’s Inventors & Scientists
england’s Poets & Writers
england’s Sailors & Soldiers
england’s Saints & Sinners
england’s Sports People

Some of our characters are clearly not real at all and some of our characters are subject to ongoing discussion as to their historical reality or not

England’s Fictional Characters

Many of  these characters are part of our ‘fantastic folklore’ journey through the ages which includes information about England’s Folklore, Legends & Myths (FL&Ms)

England’s Folklore, legends & myths

[ DID YOU KNOW? ~ There have been 3 Roman invasions of Britain ~ each invasion force may have arrived at a different place on the coast of England’s traditional county of Kent: The first invasion force (in 55BC) failed :: The second invasion force (in 54BC) succeeded, but only for a short time :: The third invasion force (in 43) succeeded and resulted in the Roman occupation of Britain until 410 ]

Wild England teasers!

1. Can you name the arrival place and the leader of each of the three Roman invasions of Britain?

2. How many queens have reigned over England from 927 to present day? Can you name them?

Answers below

Answers ~

1. First invasion ~ possibly landed at Pegwell Bay (near the Isle of Thanet, Kent) ~ led by Gaius Julius Caesar. Second invasion ~ possibly landed at Walmer (near Deal, Kent) ~ led by Gaius Julius Caesar. Third invasion ~ possibly landed at Richborough (near Sandwich, Kent) ~ led by Aulus Plautius

2. Seven ~ Jane (1553), Mary I (Bloody Mary 1553 – 1558), Elizabeth I (1558 – 1603), Mary II (1689 – 1694), Anne (1702 – 1714), Victoria (1837 – 1901) and Elizabeth II (1952 – present day)