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The Conger Eel is a long snake-like fish that has a smooth body with no scales, unlike the Lesser Sand Eel which has a scale-covered body. It is also called the European Conger Eel and can be found in the seas off the south and south-west coasts of England. Younger Conger Eels tend to live nearer the coast line, whereby adult Conger Eels move towards deeper waters where they often like to inhabit ship wrecks.

The Conger Eel is usually two metres long, although it can reach a length of up to three metres. It weighs on average around fifty kilogrammes. It is a slow-growing fish that can take up to fifteen years to reach adulthood. Conger Eels in and around sandy seabeds are usually a light grey colour and those that live on rocky seabeds tend to be more charcoal-grey.

Young Conger Eels are called ‘straps’. Straps do most of their feeding at night, while older Conger Eels that live in deep water feed any time of the day or night. These eels travel amazing distances to spawn. They migrate to the Sargasso Sea to spawn in waters as deep as four thousand metres. Conger Eels die shortly after they have spawned.