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Our Guardian Games section is all about activities, adventures, games and puzzles ~ for young children

Gorgeous George, ‘action & adventure’ and The Guardian Games

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Through the excitement of adventure and the fun of game-play we hope young children will develop light-hearted and long-lasting relationships with England’s fabulous native wildlife

Our Guardian Games will be developed in partnership with future sponsors. The particular interest and focus of our sponsor partners will influence the final form and content of all the guardian games

Wild England teasers!

1. What’s as big as a mature English oak tree and weighs even less than England’s smallest native resident bird (the Goldcrest)?

2. Arrange 3 matchsticks to represent a number and a common native English vascular plant

3. “Quote” ~ Alive without breath, as cold as death; Never thirsty, ever drinking; All in mail never clinking ~ What kind of creature is Gollum’s riddle referring to?

4. Which common flying mammal is often associated with England’s 20p coin and Why?

5. What lies at the bottom of the Celtic sea and shakes a lot?

Answers below

Answers ~

1. The shadow of the oak tree

2. IV ~ this arrangement represent the number 4 in roman numbers; Also the I & V together can be pronounced as IVY

3. A fish

4. The common Pipistrelle Bat ~ bat experts often claim that an adult Pipistrelle weighs about the same as a 20p coin

5. A nervous wreck