At present more detailed information on 37 animals has been provided. This information has been written in a style with grammar compatible to the National Curriculum and is presented as 5 language-learning levels, corresponding to school years 2-6 (Ages 6-11). The list of animals written in more detail is as follows:

Adder Frog (Common) Robin
Badger Golden Eagle Rook
Blackbird Hedgehog Snake (Grass)
Butterfly (Cabbage White) Heron (Grey) Snake (Smooth)
Butterfly (Peacock)  Hydra Squirrel (Red)
Buzzard Jackdaw Stoat
Crow (Carrion) Jay Thrush (Mistle)
Crayfish (White-clawed) Kestrel Thrush (Song)
Dormouse (Hazel) Lizard (Sand) Vole (Water)
Deer (Red) Mole Water Scorpion
Deer (Roe) Nuthatch Weasel
Earthworm (Common) Otter Wren
Fox (Red) Raven  Zebra spider