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Quirk’s quizzes are devised as a fun way to test your memory and knowledge ~ about England and its fabulous wildlife ~ not only for beginners ~ enthusiasts are welcome too

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Each quiz will focus on England’s fabulous native wildlife as well as the history, natural geography and long-established traditions of England

We are developing 2 quizzes for beginners and a pleasantly patriotic quiz for all

quirk’s quiz – beginners’ wildlife
quirk’s quiz – England for beginners
quirk’s quiz – pleasantly patriotic

Quirk’s Quizzes will include quizzes about ~ characters in England’s history; England’s cities and counties (including county towns); England’s ‘fantastic folklore journey’ through the ages; and the natural geography of England

quirk’s quiz – characters in history
quirk’s quiz – cities & counties
quirk’s quiz – fantastic folklore journey
quirk’s quiz – natural geography

Wild England teasers!

1. Who was England’s first king? When and where was the battle of Brunanburh?

2. Name England’s most numerous native resident bird? Can you provide 2 further commonly used names for this creature

3. How many mediaeval kingdoms of the dark ages made up the Anglo-Saxon heptarchy? Can you name them all?

4. Which native English creature is associated with the Viking history of England’s north-east region, and the folklore surrounding the Tower of London?

Answers below

Answers ~

1. King Athelstan (reign 927-939). The Battle of Brunanburh was in 937 & may have been fought in the area of the present day city of Lancaster

2. The Wren (also called many other local names including ~ Jenny Wren, Jilliver Wren, Kitty Wren, Tidly Wren and Tomtit)

rainbow link – wren

3. 7 Mediaeval kingdoms made up the Anglo-Saxon heptarchy ~ Northumbria, Mercia, East Anglia, Essex, Wessex, Sussex & Kent [ Northumbria was created when the mediaeval kingdoms of Deira & Bernie unified in 654 ]

4. The Raven

rainbow link – raven