Test your knowledge about England’s native wildlife

We are presently compiling the questions for our wild England fun quiz.

FUN QUIZ: Our fun quiz will in fact comprise 7 quizzes, five of which will be based upon information found in our children’s┬álearning levels

  • Level 2 quiz (age 6-7)
  • Level 3 quiz (age 7-8)
  • Level 4 quiz (age 8-9)
  • Level 5 quiz (age 9-10)
  • Level 6 quiz (age10-11)

The questions on each of these quizzes will be derived from the appropriate learning level along with information from the animal introductions.

Our 6th quiz will be more of a family quiz for adults & children of all ages. The questions for this quiz will be derived from information contained in the animal A-Z along with the information contained in the animal categories.

The 7th quiz will be these who have (or wish to develop) mastermind-level wildlife knowledge. Questions will be derived from all the information relevant to quizzes 1-6 along with all the information in the adult-friendly fact-files (when they have been created).

We intend to go live with our first quizzes in August. We will begin with our family quiz and we intend to present ten of these family quizzes. The answers to the first quiz will be found at the beginning of the second quiz; and so on for the subsequent quizzes.

We like to hear about your quiz experience, especially from our young children visitors. Please encourage young children to write to us at:


(quiz comments)

P.O. BOX 67790


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