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Our Rainbow links section is all about connectivity ~ between England’s creatures (& plants) and people, places & spaces

 Rainbow Lorraine, ‘magic & mystery’ and Rainbow Links

Click onto the words of the picture above to learn more about England’s creatures (& plants) and how they are rainbow-linked to England’s people, places & spaces

We have created a Rainbow Links A-Z which provides information about a selection of England’s rainbow-linked creatures (& plants). To find out more click onto the A-Z icons displayed on our Rainbow Links carousel below 

Wild England teasers!

1. What native English creature is rainbow-linked to England’s north-west region & why?

2. Why is the Devonshire Cup Coral rainbow-linked to Sir Walter Raleigh and why is Sir Walter Raleigh linked to Mermaids?

3. Why is Richard the Lionheart rainbow-linked to the Mute Swan?

Answers below

Answers ~

1. The Great Spotted Woodpecker. This resident native bird is fairly common in the region. It is sometimes referred to as the stormbird. In legend when this woodpecker is heard, it frequently heralds the onset of storms. England’s north-west region has the highest annual rainfall of all England’s regions

Rainbow link – great spotted woodpecker

2. The Devonshire Cup Coral is a native english sea creature which is commonly found off the south coast of England’s traditional county of Devon. Sir Walter Raleigh was a great sea-farer and explorer and he was born (1552) in East Budleigh, a small village on the south coast of Devon. He was a favourite in the courts of Queen Elizabeth I and was an esteemed member of the famous Mermaid Club in the City of London

rainbow link – devonshire cup coral

3.The Mute Swan has a special connection with King Richard I. According to folklore he brought the Mute Swan to England from the 3rd crusade. To this day the Mute Swan is known as the royal bird and it is rainbow-linked to the traditional English county of Oxfordshire

rainbow link – mute swan