Links between various locations in England & individual native creatures

The Rainbow Links concept is all about increasing children’s awareness of the fascinating heritage links that exist between particular locations in England and individual native wildlife creatures. Through rainbow links we encourage children to develop a greater level of interest and involvement in the safeguarding of local wildlife sites.

 ANIMAL-LOCATION LINKS: For reasons of natural heritage and local history we have linked particular animals from our A-Z with designated locations in England (including England itself).

We have described & delineated over 347 animal-location links which includes animal links with the 7 regions of England, all of England’s 37 counties, the 66 cities of England, London’s 33 boroughs and over 150 English towns chosen for reasons of heritage-value.

Every animal-location link will have a guardian game associated with it: each guardian game will be different and individually-tailored to suit the natural heritage and local history of the location. We will continue to seek (and expect) positive endorsements from our community friends and business supporters.

These animal-location links are curiously varied and we intend to creatively display them on our website to stimulate children’s awareness of the great array of wildlife sites (widely located throughout the country) which they can visit and enjoy.

LOCAL WILDLIFE SITES: Information about each animal-location link will include details of local wildlife sites where children can see the particular rainbow-linked animal in the real world and in real time. It is fun for children  to go on mini wildlife adventures and we believe such trips help children develop appreciation and love for the wild world and it’s fascinating creatures.



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