Welcome to Rainbow Links

“I like Rainbows. They are full of vibrant power. I have learned lots about the Magic of Rainbows from Lady Lorraine. She is full of vibrant power too”

Rainbow Links is all about the amazing connections between people and wildlife

“Hi children my name is Lady Lorraine and I am here to help Merlin with his mission

Merlin wants more people in England to connect with England’s native wildlife

I am very fond of merlin. He is such a sweet old wizard, and I have promised to help

you can help too”

Below is a rainbow picture from Lady Lorraine’s home village. You will notice 2 clouds.

Lady Lorraine asks: “could you encourage your parents to click on each cloud icon so that they too can learn more about some amazing connections between people and wildlife”

Also, they would probably love to know more about our wild spirit friends

We now have over 30 wild spirit friends helping to make more connections between people and wildlife

We extend sincere thanks to our sponsors, supporters and well-wishers

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