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Sponsorana is an appeal for sponsorship funds in the form of a donation to SPONSOR A Native Animal.

Please visit the Sponsors and the Wild England Campaign pages for background information to this particular sponsor initiative.

We want to encourage young children to directly sponsor each of our A-Z creatures, for reasons explained in the Wild England Campaign message which reads as follows:

“Pressure on the wildworld is increasing;

many wildlife species are under threat of extinction;

our ‘native wildlife legacy’ lessens with each passing decade!

Help children safeguard their natural heritage

Our Children  :   Their Future”

 Please encourage children to write to as at:



P.O. BOX 67790


All letters we receive are respectfully dealt with, and we personally reply to any letter that has a stamped self-addressed envelope enclosed.

We want children to take the time to write to us; we are pleased if children want to donate some of their pocket-money or savings to sponsor a native wild animal.

Sponsorana is happy to receive cheques or postal orders made payable to the Wild England campaign.

We try to reward children’s interest and generosity by writing a reply letter and enclosing a thank you note, along with a raffle ticket for our quarterly prize draw.

We also note our sponsors on our website underneath the introductions page of the sponsored animal.