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Wild England’s well-wishers are individuals from all walks of life sharing a common concern over a widening gap between children and nature.

Wild England’s well-wishers are interested in the work of Wild England and we have decided to submit a quarterly well-wisher email for every season of the year, beginning at end of September 2016 which will  provide news about our progress in the Summer-season.

Our well-wishers have provided help and assistance in many ways during the past few years. Their support has enabled the Wild England team to survive numerous challenges and allowed time to prepare for the Wild England Campaign.

From Midsummer’s Day, June 21st 2016 we will be asking our well-wishers to help progress the Wild England Campaign in four targeted ways:

  • To send in clippings from local newspapers about local wildlife news, local wildlife sites (and their supporters); and news about any child-orientated projects at these sites
  • To send in information or recommendation about any business that could be suitable as a Wild England Recommended Business
  • To encourage the celebration of England’s national day – St George’s Day – April 23rd, and to raise awareness of our proposed St George’s Day Appeal
  • To encourage Facebook friends to visit and recommend our proposed Facebook page

If you would like to learn more about our well-wisher community we would be happy to hear from you. Write to us at:



P.O. BOX 67790


All letters we receive are respectfully dealt with, and we personally reply to any letter that has a stamped self-addressed envelope enclosed.