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The Zebra Spider is a tiny spider that can be found all around the country on plants, walls, fences and on window ledges, especially on sunny days. This spider doesn’t make a web out of silk thread like other spiders, but uses its silk thread to act as an anchor when it sees prey. It dangles in the air on the thread and when it sees an insect, it lowers itself down very slowly and then jumps on an insect to paralyse it with its venomous bite. Sometimes this spider is called the ‘jumping spider’. It can jump up to ten centimetres.

The Zebra Spider has a black body with white hairs that form stripes and it is because of these black and white stripes that this spider has its name the ‘Zebra Spider’. Its body is divided into two parts: the ‘cephalothorax’ and the ‘abdomen’. The ‘cephalothorox’ holds four pairs of long sturdy legs, the spider’s jaws and eight eyes. It is believed that this spider has the best eyesight of any spider in the world. The abdomen has silk-producing organs called ‘spinnerets’ which are situated at the rear of the abdomen. The female can be over two centimetres in length and the male is usually around one centimetre long.

The female Zebra Spider makes an egg sac out of silk and lays her eggs in it. The young that hatch out of the eggs are called ‘spiderlings’ and they stay with their mother for about a week before leaving to develop into fully grown Zebra Spiders.